Introducing the Camping Valve Seal.

Made from LPG Resistant Polymers, iGaZs patent applied Camping Valve Seal provides for a secure, tamper-evident, fast and cost-effective solution for sealing LPG camping cylinders at the refilling plant. Installed in under 2 seconds, these seals are safe, efficient and provide a tamper proof sealing solution for the LPG industry. Produced in Sydney, Australia, the seals can be manufactured in any colour and can be shipped globally.

Easy to remove

The benefits


Simple and low cost.

Easy and fast to fit with no special tooling required.

Secure in place providing a water tight seal.

Prevents minor gas leaks.

Easy for the consumer to remove with fitted key (or coin).


Visual confirmation for the customer and supplier that the cylinder is full.

Cannot be reused as the membrane is destroyed during removal.

Helps prevent cylinder theft and 3rd party illegal filling.

Seals can be manufactured in any colour.

Ask us how you can order the Camping Valve Seal in your chosen colour.