Tamper evident, gas tight safety seals for POL style LPG cylinder valves.

POL Valve Security Seals

Made from LPG Resistant Polymers, the second generation of iGaz’s patented POL Valve Seal provides a gas tight, tamper-evident, fast and cost-effective solution for sealing LPG cylinders at the refilling plant.
Installed in under 3 seconds, these seals are safe, efficient and provide a tamper proof sealing solution for the LPG industry. Produced in Sydney, Australia and China, the seals can be manufactured in any colour and can be shipped globally.

Easy to install


The seal is inserted at the LPG filling depot using any lightweight air wrench and the supplied tooling.


The integrated driving lugs shear off leaving a tamper proof gas tight seal for safe transport and storage.


When ready to use, the customer tears off the tamper evident strip, proving that the cylinder was filled by the authorised supplier.


The seal can then be easily removed with a screwdriver or coin.

For peace of mind


LPG cylinders are effectively sealed – no gas will escape if the valve is accidentally opened during storage and distribution.

The claim can be made that ‘every effort has been made to mitigate the risks to our customers.

Low cost insurance against accidental discharge.

Seal can be replaced when cylinder is returned to filling plant to prevent accidental leakage.


Over 10 million have been installed to date with no incidents reported.

Easy identification of full and empty cylinders at point of sale.

Customers are getting the correct volume and the correct product (evidence that cylinders have been refilled by an authorised person).

Protection again ‘weights and measures’ issues if unauthorised third parties are refilling your cylinders incorrectly.

Ask us how you can order the POL Valve Seal in your chosen colour.